Export Control

Federal and international regulations control the export of certain commodities, software, technical data and certain other information to foreign countries. These regulations can restrict the furnishing of information, technical data and software to foreign persons, whether the activity takes place abroad or in the United States. In the university context, these regulations can prohibit persons from other countries participating in research projects. Such regulations can also restrict access to information resulting from research under some circumstances unless an export license has been obtained in advance.

While export control regulations may not apply to most university activities, there are exceptions. When regulations do apply, the rules must be strictly followed. Every award must be reviewed to ensure that SJSU and the Research Foundation are in compliance with current export control regulations. Consequences for non-compliance can result in civil and criminal penalties for the individual and for the institution.

To determine how export control regulations may apply to specific programs or awards and for answers to related questions, contact the Research Foundation Office of Sponsored Programs (research-foundation-osp@sjsu.edu).