July 2020 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's Principal Investigators in being awarded the following grants and contracts during July 2020:

Adam Kochanski, Craig Clements

Meteorology & Climate Science, College of Science

  • “Understanding Urban and Wildland Fire Dynamics”
    Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Annalise Van Wyngarden

Chemistry, College of Science

  • “American Chemical Society Summer School in Nuclear and Radiochemistry”
    Sponsor: City University of New York

Craig Clements

Meteorology & Climate Science, College of Science

  • “Collaborative Proposal: Sundowner Winds Experiment (SWEX)
    in Santa Barbara, CA”
    Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Elena Klaw

Undergraduate Studies

  • "AmeriCorps Civic Engagement (ACE) Fellows at San José State University"
    Sponsor: California Volunteers (Two Awards)

Ivano Aiello

Moss Landing Marine Lab, College of Science

  • "Sedimentology and Mineralogy of Guaymas Basin’s Deep Subseafloor Habitats (IODP Expedition 385)”
    Sponsor: Columbia University

Jonathan Geller

Moss Landing Marine Lab, College of Science

  • “Marine Invasive Species Molecular Analysis (AGREEMENT NUMBER P2075008)
    Sponsor: CA State, Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • “Metagenetic Analysis. Invertebrate Diversity and Geographic Distribution based on Plankton and Settlement Plates”
    Sponsor: Smithsonian Environmental Restoration Center
  • “Illumina MiSeq Library Preparation of Plankton Collected by the Invasion Ecology Laboratory, SERC”
    Sponsor: Smithsonian Environmental Restoration Center

Katherine Cushing

Environmental Studies, College of Science

  • "CommUniverCity: Community Leadership Program FY2020-21"
    Sponsor: City of San Jose

 Kimberly Blisniuk

Geology, College of Science

  • “Mapping the Rodgers Creek Fault, Before and After the Kincade Fire, to Determine Long Term Geologic Fault Slip Rates…”
    Sponsor: Department of Interior

Marco Sigala

Moss Landing Marine Lab, College of Science

  • “2020 Bay Margins Sediment Study Field Sample Collection”
    Sponsor: San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • “Ahtna Sharpe 2020”
    Sponsor: Ahtna Environmental Inc.

Margaret Stevenson

Justice Studies, College of Science

  • "San Jose State University Research Foundation (SJSURF) Service Navigation- 2020-2021"
    Sponsor: Santa Clara County

Michael Kaufman

Physics & Astronomy, College of Science

  • “Using the Astronomical Infrared Bands as Calibrated Probes of Astrophysical Conditions with the NASA Ames PAH IR”
    Sponsor: NASA

Miri Vanhoven

Biological Sciences, College of Science

  • “The Effect of Sleep on Neural Circuit Connections”
    Sponsor: UC, San Francisco
  • “Olfactory Memory Acquisition Consolidation and Recall”
    Sponsor: UC, San Francisco

Peter Lee

Social Work School, Health and Human Sciences

  • “Title IV-E Child Welfare Training 2020-2022”
    Sponsor: UC, Berkeley

Robert Miller

Geology, College of Science

  • “Collaborative Research: Investigating the Relationships Between Magmatic Flare-Ups', Crustal Rheology, and Arc Collapse”
    Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Ross Clark

Moss Landing Marine Lab, College of Science

  • “Provide Archival, Analysis, and Publishing Services on Benthic Data Previously Collected for Multiple Project”
    Sponsor: Creative Environmental Conservation

Sean Laraway

Psychology, College of Science

  • "Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's Aeronautics
    And Space Missions"
    Sponsor: NASA

 Selena Anderson

English & Comparative Literature, College of Humanities & The Arts

  • “Center for Literary Arts -- Local Arts Grant 2020-2021”
    Sponsor: Silicon Valley Creates

Susan Snycerski

Psychology, College of Science

  • "Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design"
    Sponsor: NASA

Thomas Madura

Physics & Astronomy, College of Science

  • “Career Exploration Lab: 3D Printing and STEM Engagement for High School Students with Visual Impairments and their Educators”
    Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Wesley Heim, Marco Sigala, Ross Clark

Moss Landing Marine Lab, College of Science

  • “SWRCB-SWAMP Agreement Number 20-006-270”
    Sponsor: California State Water Resources Control Board