June 2021 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during June 2021:

Monthly Awards at a Glance:
18 Awards Received: Valued at $2,228,793

Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Katya Aguilar, Teacher Education
San José State University Single Subject Intern Program 2021-22
Sponsor: Milpitas Unified School District – $80,535

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Chang Choo, Electrical Engineering
Development of AI/ML DSP/FPGA Training Materials for
MegaChips Engineers

Sponsor: MegaChips Corp. – $20,000

Ronald Mak, Computer Engineering
Intelligent Systems Research and Development Support-3 (ISRDS-3)
Sponsor: KBR Wyle Services, LLC – $58,846.00

College of Professional & Global Studies

Leann Cherkasky-Makhni, Office of International Programs
Support for Covid 19 Response – IHouse
Sponsor: San José State University – $734,851

College of Science

Tzvia Abramson, Biological Sciences
SJSU Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-Based Learning (SCILL)
Sponsor: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine – $49,500

Craig Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
A Multiscale Study of the Coupling Between Flow, Fire & Vegetation – Influence of Vegetation Distribution & Flow on Fire Behavior &
Plume Develop

Sponsor: Worcerster Polytechnic Institute – $22,317

Michael Graham, Moss Landing Marine Lab 
Business Economic Analysis for West Coast based Urchin Ranching
Sponsor: UC, San Diego – $25,296

James Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Estuarine Wetland and Nearshore Ecology Studies along the Pacific Flyway
Sponsor: Department of Interior – $25,000

Wesley Heim, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Echo Park Lake Fish Collection 
Sponsor: FMF Pandion – $12,100

Ryan Portner, Geology
Shallow Marine Lava-Water Interaction: Columbia River Basalt Group,Central Oregon Coast
Sponsor: Department of Interior – $23,267

Jordan Schettler, Mathematics & Statistics
Collaborative Research: Undergraduate Research Groups in the CSU Alliance for PUMP: Preparing Undergraduates through Mentoring
toward PhDs

Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $63,049

Abraham Wolcott, Chemistry
Fundamental Surface Science of Nanoscale Diamond and their Interaction with Biological Surfaces
Sponsor: Department of Defense – $11,168

Fluorescent Enhancement of the Nitrogen Vacancy Center in Nanoscale Diamond for Bioimaging Applications
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $108,375

Mark Yarbrough & Michael Feinholz, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Implementation of MarONet for Support of OCI/PACE Vicarious Calibration
Sponsor: University of Miami – $481,521

College of Social Sciences

Bruce Olszewski, Environmental Studies
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Call and Appointment Center for Santa Clara County
Sponsor: Santa Clara County – $100,000

Susan Snycerski, Psychology
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design
Sponsor: NASA – $49,117 and $19,089 

University Programs

Elena Klaw and Andrea Tully, Undergraduate Studies
San José State University (SJSU) Civic Action Fellows formerly known as AmeriCorps Civic Engagement Fellows (ACE Fellows @ SJSU)
Sponsor: California Volunteers – $344,762