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On Campus Housing Application for Spring 2024

The application for on campus housing for Spring 2024 will become available on Monday, October 9, 2023 at 10am. Starting at that time, new applicants may apply for on campus housing through the Housing Application portal on the Housing website main page.
Should you have questions, please contact us at or 408.795.5600

Fall 2023 Housing Application Available for New Applicants!

Due to the high demand and current waitlist for our Apartment communities, we are no longer accepting applications for Campus Village Building A and Campus Village Building B.  Messages are being sent out regularly regarding the status of our waitlist.

Applications are still being accepted for our Traditional Halls (Joe West and Washburn Halls, CV2) and CVC Suites communities, however there is a waitlist. Should you decide to apply, you will be placed on the waitlist and assigned as we receive cancellations and space becomes available. Messages are being sent out regularly regarding the status of our waitlist.

To apply, please complete the following:

  • Pay the non-refundable $50 Application Fee
  • Complete the Online Application found at the Housing Application Portal
  • Be sure to hit the submit button on the last page of the application!
  • Sign the License Agreement
  • Pay the $300 Initial Housing Payment

Applications are not considered complete and eligible to be assigned a housing space, until all steps above are completed.  

Click on the Housing Application Portal button to apply.

Cash No Longer Accepted at the Housing Office

Starting in the Fall 2023 semester as of 8/14/2023, Housing no longer accepts cash payments at the Cashier window. Residents can still pay via personal checks, money orders, or cashier's checks at the Cashier window. Payments by credit card and e-check will still be available for residents to make online.

Residents who need to make their payment with cash, may do so at the Bursar’s Office. If making a payment at the Bursar’s Office, please remember to let the cashier know you are making a cash payment for your housing charges (or initial housing payment if applicable).

On-Campus Housing at the International House!

Have you considered living in on-campus housing at the International House? The International House is open to U.S. and international students.  Any SJSU student can apply!  Visit the International House for more information about the International House and their application process.

Should you accept a space at the International House and want to cancel your space with University Housing Services, upon receipt of your cancellation request and verification of your assignment at the International House, your contract with University Housing Services will be canceled and you will receive a credit for the initial payment and any additional housing charges ($50 non refundable application fee excluded) paid to University Housing Services.

Residence Community Policies


UHS places a maximum in the number of occupants that may be in a room or apartment at any one time. Residents may have up to two (2) guests at any time. Occupants exceeding this limit are considered a party. A party is defined as a gathering in a UHS facility at which there are more than six people in the Classics or CV2 residence halls; no more than sixteen people in the CVA or CVB apartments or the CVC Suites at any time. This number includes residents of the room and their guests.  

UHS allows 24-hour visitation for guests, but does not permit cohabitation. Residents may have overnight guests stay in their room for up to three nights within a seven-night period and for up to 15 nights total per semester. No overnight guests are permitted during finals. Residents in violation of this policy may be subject to cost recovery and other fines in addition to disciplinary action. All roommates must be consulted and agree to guest visitation.   

A visitor or guest is defined as any person who is visiting a suite or apartment where they do not live. This includes other SJSU students and residents of other campus residential halls/suites or apartments. Residents are considered the hosts of their guests and, as such, must accompany their guests at all times while in UHS facilities. Visitors are only permitted to enter a building with the escort of the host. Entrance by any other means is not permitted. 


The residence halls and apartments have lounge spaces.  These spaces can be accessed by SJSU residents. Masks must be worn while utilizing lounge spaces. Each lounge space has a maximum number of residents or guests who may use these spaces at any given time. Residents using the space will ensure that they do not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the space.