Current Residents

Winter Break 2023

CVC, CV2, Washburn and Joe West will close for Winter Break (December 15, 2023 through January 21, 2024) on Friday, December 15, 2023 at 2pm.

CVA and CVB remain open for the entire Winter Break period (December 15, 2023 through January 21, 2024).

*Residents in CVC, CV2, Washburn, Joe West- need to leave by Friday, Dec.15th at 2pm and complete all items on the Closing Checklist that will be posted on your door and emailed to you on November 15, 2023.  (You may leave belongings in your room, you do not have to completely move out, but you will not have access to your room during the break).

*Residents in CVA and CVB may stay for the entire break period

*Residents with approved spring cancellations, in ALL buildings, must move out by Friday, December 15th at 2pm, and will need to officially check out with your RA by scheduling an appointment with them for check out.


Returning Resident Process Coming Soon!

SJSU Housing Services and Student Support Information

Spartan Village on the Paseo Coming Fall 2024! 

Approximately 670 new student beds will transform what is currently the south tower of the San José Hilton Signia hotel complex into a thriving student community in the heart of downtown. 

Double, triple and quad room types will be available. The quads include a separate living room area in each unit. All units will have a private full bathroom. 

Amenities will include dining and community kitchen facilities, fitness center, gaming room, mail services, and study and recreational lounges. All residents will be required to have a meal plan. 

Housing staff will also live on site including professional Residential Life Coordinators (RLC) and student Resident Advisors (RA's).

Spartan Village on the Paseo

Spartan Village on the Paseo in the San Jose Mercury News 

Conduct Information

Conduct Card [pdf]

Mail Forwarding

In order to have your mail forwarded, please follow the instructions below.  Mail will only be forwarded for 3 months or for summer only if you are returning in the fall.

  1. Fill out the Mail Forwarding form.
  2. Notify your family, friends, SJSU departments, bill collectors, and any other businesses you send mail to, or receive mail from, of your new address.

Need a job?  Work for UHS!

University Housing Services employs students in a number of different positions throughout the academic year and summer. Learn about what positions we have available and how to apply!