Tips and Information

Helping students adjust to life on campus. Moving into campus housing is an exciting time! But we know that it can also be a little daunting. That's why we've comprised a series of lists to help you get acquainted with life on campus.

Not all dish washing soaps are created equal! Learn what to use, how to use it, plus other tips on keeping your dishwasher working well and your dishes sparkly clean.

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If this is your first time managing electrical appliances and outlets, you aren't alone! Read all about how to safely manage and clean your electronics, and how to file maintenance requests.

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When it comes to staying cool on campus it's important to know how the AC works, and how to file a maintenance request if it isn't. Get information on how to take care of and clean your AC plus important facts about how to manage your thermostat in the winter.

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Have you lost the key to your residence? Is your access card not working? We're here to help! Please visit our Key/Access Card Information page to find out how you can replace your key or card and what costs to expect.

Learn How To Replace Your Key/Access Card

Each of our residential buildings are equipped with washers and dryers for your convenience. If you have a question as to how to pay for laundry, or need to put in a service request for a washer or dryer, check out our laundry information page!

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Locked out of your residence? It happens! Find out where to go and who to contact when you get locked out, and if you can expect any costs.

Learn What To Do When You're Locked Out

Do you know what types of bowls and plates are microwave safe? Did you know it's not possible to cook some types of food in a microwave? Learn all about how to safely and effectively use a microwave with our microwave use tips!

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Leaks, clogged drains and toilets aren't fun to deal with, but they happen! Find out how to prevent plumbing issues, and what to do if you encounter a problem.

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Got a beeping smoke detector on your hands? Don't try to fix it yourself! Call and make a maintenance request instead.

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