Off Campus Housing Resources


All information regarding off-campus housing should be assessed carefully before making any legal commitments. Any references made from San José State University, its sub-departments and University Housing Services web page do not constitute any type of legal obligation by the university, including faculty, staff and students. 

San José State University does not constitute legal authority nor does it provide any type of legal advice. All off-campus housing information posted on this page is done so for informational purposes only and the university takes no responsibility for any legal contracts or agreements made. All issues resulting or pertaining within student housing are the sole responsibility of the tenant(s) and the landlord.

Housing Search Sites

University Housing Services has created a Facebook group as a safe space free of scams where SJSU students can share information, find information on available off-campus housing, and connect with other SJSU students who are looking for roommates. To join the UHS Off-Campus Facebook Group, please join at the link below:

Students have also been successful using the SJSU SAMMY App to identify shared off campus housing with other SJSU students. Unlike other housing postings on social media, postings on the SAMMY app are only available to SJSU affiliates.

To access the SAMMY App, open the app and click on the chat icon at the bottom to open the chat feed. Use the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner, to choose a "channel." By selecting the Housing Channel, you are directly connected to people who have that channel in their feed. Anyone looking for off-campus Housing should select the Housing Chanel to receive informtion.

27 North  (Spaces available!)
The Grad (Spaces available!)
Sparta505 (Spaces available!) 
City of San Jose Housing Assistance
Santa Clara County Housing Assistance
33 S. Third Apartments
101 Apartments
470 Apartments
780 S. 11th Apartments
Area Vibes
Avalon Communities For Rent
City of San Jose Housing Assistance
Foundry Commons
June Homes
Miro Apartments (Apartments Available)
New Century Commons
Rent to Own Labs
Santa Clara County Housing Assistance
St. Claire Apartment Homes
Sunset Hall
The Colonnade Apartments
Trulia's Rental Information
Village Apartments
Zillow Rentals

Additional Resources

Apartment Calculator

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