Heating and Air Conditioning Tips

Bricks: Please remember that the AC is controlled by an automatic temperature gauge. During hot weather the AC is will only turn on once the temperature in the shaded areas around the buildings reaches a certain temperature. Generally the AC does not turn on before 12 noon. 

If cold air or hot air is not blowing out of the fan, the problem is a maintenance issue.  You will need to submit a maintenance request.  Please remember that turning the AC down to 39 degrees will not cause the AC to work if a maintenance problem exists.

Do not leave windows open while the AC is running, the AC will not to work properly when the windows are open.

Do not clean the thermostat with a wet cloth or spray any chemical (such as windex) onto it, this may damage the screen and residents will be responsible for the replacement cost.

To conserve energy, please do not leave your AC/Heating on all day when apartment is empty.

Campus Village (CVA, CVB, CVC):  Thermostat Control Instructions [pdf] are available for your review.

CV2:  Thermostats need to be reset by technicians, please submit a work order.