Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

Campus Village Building A (CVA) is an eight-story apartment building designed to accommodate approximately 200 faculty, staff, graduate and
upper-division undergraduate students. Graduate students, seniors, and juniors may rent a twobedroom apartment in CVA that two students share, each having their own bedroom. CVA also has two-bedroom apartments that four students share, two students sharing each bedroom and a shared kitchen. The kitchens include a full-sized refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, stackable washer and dryer and a sink with garbage disposal.

Campus Village Building A (CVA) is an on-campus housing facility for SJSU Faculty, Staff, Graduate, Senior and Junior Students. It is located in the heart of Campus Village, a vibrant, student centered community in an urban setting. Campus Village is host to a myriad of programs and activities for the residents. Occasionally, outdoor activities in the Campus Village Plaza attended by large groups of residents, guests and community members result in higher levels of noise during certain times of the year.  

Floor Plan


Campus Village features two levels of limited underground parking for students, and bicycle racks on either side of Building B. For more information regarding Campus Village parking as well as other campus parking options please visit our parking information page.