Guest Policy

Residents will be permitted to bring one (1) guest into the building beyond lobbies and common areas. Guests must adhere to our policies and procedures. Guests must be with their host resident at all times. Residents are responsible for their guest and the guest's actions. Guests are considered anyone who currently lives in the SJSU residence halls or apartments. Students not living in SJSU residence halls or apartments, nonstudents, and family are not permitted beyond lobby areas without prior permission of UHS staff. The exterior doors of all the residential halls are locked 24 hours a day. Visitors may contact a residence hall or apartment resident by calling from courtesy phones that are located near the front entrances of every hall or apartment building. Visitors are only permitted to enter a building with the escort of the host. Entrance by any other means is not permitted. Uninvited guests are not welcome in the residence halls. Permitting uninvited guests into these areas is in violation of UHS security policies.

Any problems created by a guest are the responsibility of the sponsoring resident. Residents are expected to inform their guests of all University Housing and San José State University policies, and will be held judicially and financially accountable for their guests’ actions.

Guests are expected to use the courtesy phones located at each building’s front entrance to call their host resident to gain entry into the facilities. All guests and residents must present acceptable photo identification and sign-in at the front desk during designated hours. All guests, regardless of their relationship to the resident (parents, siblings, etc.), must comply with this policy. Unescorted individuals found in UHS facilities will be escorted off UHS property and/or be cited by University Police for criminal trespass.

University Housing Services allows 24-hour visitation for guests, but does not permit cohabitation. Residents may have overnight guests stay in their room for up to three nights within a seven-night period and for up to 15 nights total per semester. Residents in violation of this policy may be subject to cost recovery and other fines in addition to disciplinary action. All roommates must be consulted and agree to guest visitation. Although any guest can be denied permission to stay by a roommate, roommates should consider allowing reasonable accommodation to guests in promotion of a harmonious living environment.

Residents who deny their roommates permission to have a guest should have specific reasons why the guest has been denied permission to visit.  Guests may not sleep in building lounges or public areas.

Residents shall not sublet their apartment/residence hall space or assign any of their rights pursuant to the License Agreement.

UHS student facilities (excluding Faculty, Staff and Grad units of Campus Village A or Faculty in Residence apartments) are single-person housing units and do not provide family living or accommodations for children, partners or spouses. For the comfort of roommates, younger children should not stay overnight in UHS facilities. All specific guest regulations are to be determined and mutually agreed upon by the roommates within each room/suite/ apartment. If consensus cannot be met independently, the Resident Advisor may create a written agreement with the roommates, which is binding and enforceable via our student conduct process.

Additional restrictions may apply during certain times of the year when heightened security is necessary to protect the UHS facilities and its residents which can include citywide events or campus events that greatly affect the UHS facilities Page 34 of 53 and surrounding area and events which create crowd control concerns. All residents are expected to comply with temporary policy additions during these times. Roommate/guests concerns should be taken to your Residential Life Staff member as they can assist with many conflicts. 

Please review your Student Housing Agreement for the entire Guest/Visitation Policy