Electrical Information

Please do not leave any appliances on while you are out for an extended period of time. When cleaning around electrical outlets and switches, do not spray liquids or use damp cloths directly on electrical outlets or switches. Clean face plate with a slightly damp cloth and wear rubber gloves.

Tripped Breakers

If major appliance such as the stove or AC suddenly does not have power, a circuit breaker may have been tripped.

Contact maintenance, DO NOT attempt to reset your breaker.  Resetting the breaker can be hazardous. 

Please contact the Facilities Development and Operations work control desk to request assistance during normal business hours at 924-1990 or submit a maintenance request.  After hours, please contact your RA on duty or submit a maintenance request.

Vanity Area

If the outlet next to the sink does not work, the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) may need to be reset. Push the red button.  If the outlet still does not work, submit a maintenance request.