Campus Village 2

Campus Village 2 Rendering

Campus Village Building 2 (CV2), is a 10 story residence hall houses 850 students and has an open community design which is equipped with common study rooms, lounges, multi-purpose rooms, a recreation space and other meeting and event space. 

Typical layout 

Double Rooms 

All bedrooms are double occupancy and are designed and furnished for 2 people. CV2 Conference Services housing rates include basic utilities and Wi-Fi internet access.  Double occupancy rooms have one set of twin, extra long beds.

Room Furnishings  

Double occupancy rooms are furnished with two of each of the following: extra long twin beds, desks, chairs, dressers, bookshelves, and closets. Rooms booked for single occupancy may still have two sets of all furniture. Each room includes one towel rack, wastebasket, and paper recycling bin. Floors are carpeted, and windows are furnished with blinds.  


Restroom (and shower) facilities are shared, down the hall, with 8 restrooms per floor; 1 male, 1 female, and 6 gender inclusive restrooms. Each restroom features 2 toilets, 2 showers, and 1 ADA accessible shower/toilet, each with floor-to-ceiling lockable dividers for privacy. With each floor holding up to 100 guest, CV2 offers 1 toilet/shower for everyone 4 guests.


Campus Village is located on the south-east corner of campus and is a short walking distance to classrooms and Downtown San José.  Included in Campus Village is the Village Market which offers pizza, coffee, ice cream, and drinks.  Campus Village 2 offers an on-site and on-floor laundry facility.

Front Desk

Conference Services Front Desk is conveniently located inside CV2 on the main floor at the front of the building. 


Campus Village 2 Layout
CV2 Room

There is no standard size for the resident rooms in CV2. Typical size is  17’-6” x 10’-0”.

Floor Plan