The Spartan Study Hub

The Spartan Study Hub (or the Hub) is dedicated to helping students receive the most out of their academic experiences while they live on campus. The Hub is a quiet learning space that is located on the first floor of Campus Village B. The Hub hours are Sunday-Thursday from 5pm-12am. This facility promotes academic wellness for those who enjoy a quiet studying atmosphere. The Peer Academic Success Coaches (PASCs) who run the Hub are students who are trained to mentor and coach any students who need support.

Tutoring in the Spartan Study Hub

The Hub offers tutoring and mentoring support Sunday-Thursday from 5pm-12am.  All PASCs are Certified Peer Educators, and they are in the Hub during all operational hours. Peer Connections offers one-on-one scheduled tutoring sessions in the Hub Sunday-Wednesday from 6-8pm and Thursday from 6-10pm. You can schedule an appointment with a Peer Connections tutor at any location (including in the Hub) through Spartan Connect.