Anti Pass-Back Policy

The Campus Village parking gates are equipped with an Anti-Pass Back feature, which enables a car to enter and exit in sequence only. If a resident comes in, the next time that they use their access card, it must be to exit. This means that under no circumstances should you ever use your access card to allow anyone else access into or out of the garage. Doing so will result in your automobile being unable to exit the garage until a staff member re-sets your card and, as a result, you will incur additional fees.

Residents who allow others access into and out of the Campus Village parking garage with their access card are in violation of the Anti-Pass Back policy and will be subject to fees and/or judicial action.

  • The first violation of the Anti-Pass Back policy will result in a $50 fee.
  • The second violation will result in a $100 fee and documentation resulting in judicial action.
  • Residents who violate the Anti-Pass Back policy a third time will be assessed a fee of $150 and will have parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the academic year.

Both the resident using their parking access card and the individual who does not have Campus Village parking privileges will be charged the applicable fee.

Any fees resulting from abuse of the Anti-Pass Back policy will be added to your SJSU account and a hold will be placed on your record until the fee is paid in full.