Apply for Housing

University Housing Services is now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2022-2023. To be considered for an on campus housing space, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit the Housing application (New Portal Site, please clear cache and restart your browser if you have previously visited our old portal). Students requesting an accommodation should review the Housing Accommodations page prior to completing the Housing Application.

    SJSU Student Housing Accommodations Policy, effective Fall 2023 [pdf]

  2. Review and sign the Housing COVID-19 Addendum as you’re completing the Housing application
  3. Sign the License Agreement at the end of the Housing application
  4. Comply with the SJSU COVID Vaccine Requirement by completing the attestation and uploading your documents for verification

Students will not be assigned a housing space or billed until they have completed the SJSU COVID Vaccine Requirement and been verified.

If you're interested in housing in the area, please review our list of off campus housing resources.


Current License Terms

Current Rates

COVID-19 Addendum


On-Campus Housing at the International House!

Have you considered living in on-campus housing at the International House? The International House is open to U.S. and international students.  Any SJSU student can apply!  Visit the International House for more information about the International House and their application process.

Should you accept a space at the International House and want to cancel your space with University Housing Services, upon receipt of your cancellation request and verification of your assignment at the International House, your contract with University Housing Services will be canceled and you will receive a credit for the initial payment and any additional housing charges ($50 non refundable application fee excluded) paid to University Housing Services.