Anna Shebanow

Anna Shebanow

Adjunct Professor, Mass Communication

Office: DBH 205



Dr. Anna Shebanow is a new instructor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at San Jose State University teaching MCOM163. She holds a Doctor of Computer Science degree and have published and presented in the areas of cloud computing, data analytics, and technical innovation management. 

On the academic side of her career, besides teaching at San Jose State University this term, she has been teaching graduate degree program at Brandeis University since 2015 and have taught in a few other universities. Currently, she is in a post doctorate program studying the science of coffee at the Applied Science department, Zurich University. She has also received a few certifications in the technical field and her recent certification from Oxford University is on how the blockchain technology can solve real-world problems. She also has designed courses in Data Analytics, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Foundation of Data Science, IT networking, Network Security, Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Algorithms, Information Forensic, and Data Visualization for various universities. 

On the business side of her career, she has founded five technology companies in the past and working on her sixth venture related to financial fraud.

She usually attends a few technology webinars every week to keep up with the latest in the information technology field, she likes watching TED Talks videos at least 5 TED Talks a week. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and one cat, and her favorite dog is Alaskan husky. She also likes cooking.