Internship Coordinators

Fall 2022/2023

Summer 2023

Dona NicholsDona Nichols
Lecturer, Mass Communications - Diversity in Media; Undergraduate Advisor
DBH 104

Spring 2023

Matt CabotMatt Cabot
Associate Professor, Public Relations; Internship Coordinator; Public Relations Coordinator; CHHS International Studies Coordinator
DBH 212

If have already been offered it, then to get the Add Code to enroll in MCOM 111 (the class you enroll in at the same time as your internship to receive credit) you will need to fill out the following paperwork:

Once you've completed the paperwork (minus the Internship Coordinator signature), send it to the Internship Coordinator so they can review it. Once it's approved, you'll receive an Add Code to enroll in MCOM 111.

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  • SJSU students majoring in Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations are required, as part of their degree program, to work a 150-hour professional internship. The company and location is selected by the student from a wide range of pre-approved traditional and new media opportunities.
  • Students must successfully complete prerequisite coursework in their majors, meet minimum grade point average requirements, and submit a completed Internship Agreement, signed by faculty advisors and on-site professional supervisors before the internship may be started.
  • The School requires that internships be paid experiences, and the student be reimbursed at least the cost of registering for this academic credit experience.
  • Student progress during the internship is carefully monitored by School faculty and on-site supervisors. Examples of professional efforts generated by students (i.e. copies of news stories or clippings, online postings, press releases, tape productions, etc.) must be submitted to the School, during the internship, for review and evaluation. And post-internship supervisor evaluations are required.
  • The School of Journalism and Mass Communications is proud to report that SJSU students consistently receive the highest commendation for top quality service in all professional media internships.

Explanations and Required Steps

To learn more about MCOM 111: Internship course explanation and required steps.




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