Profile picture of Phylis West Johnson

Phylis West Johnson

Director and Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications; Founder of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications Immersive Storytelling Lab

Office: DBH 103

Phone: 408-924-5997

Picture of Diana Stover

Diana Stover

Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Journalism & Mass Communications

Office: DBH 206

Phone: 408-924-3271

Picture of Michael Brito

Michael Brito

Lecturer, Mass Communications/Social Media Business to Business/Communications

Office: DBH 127

Phone: 408-924-3284

Picture of Matt Cabot

Matt Cabot

Associate Professor, Public Relations; Internship Coordinator; Public Relations Coordinator; CHHS International Studies Coordinator

Office: DBH 212

Phone: 408-924-3273

Picture of Richard Craig

Richard Craig

Professor, Journalism; Spartan Daily Advisor

Office: DBH 108

Phone: 408-924-3287

Picture of Mike Corpos

Mike Corpos

Production Chief for the Spartan Daily

Office: DBH 211

Phone: 408-924-7555

Picture of Farideh Dada

Farideh Dada

Lecturer, Journalism

Office: DBH 127

Phone: 408-647-6716

Belen Picture

Belen Moreno

Professor, Advertising

Office: DBH 212

Picture of John Delacruz

John Delacruz

Associate Professor, Advertising; Adobe Education Leader; Creative and Communications Director for CommUniverCity

Office: DBH 210

Phone: 408-924-3261

Picture of Chris Di Salvo

Chris Di Salvo

Adjunct Professor of Public Relations/ Owner-Principal Professional Effects

Office: DBH 220

Phone: (408) 506-0455

Picture of Shaun Fletcher

Shaun Fletcher

Assistant Professor, Public Relations

Office: DBH 129

Phone: 408-924-3393

Picture of Timothy Hendrick

Timothy Hendrick

Associate Professor, Advertising

Office: DBH 201

Phone: 408-924-3275 / 408-779-4100

Picture of Tina Korani

Tina Korani

Assistant Professor, New Media; Adobe Education Leader; Co-founder of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Immersive Storytelling Lab

Office: DBH 102

Phone: 408.924.3285

Picture of Cathy Li

Zongchao "Cathy" Li

Associate Professor, Public Relations

Office: DBH 216

Phone: 408-924-2355

Picture of Michael Llewellyn-Williams

Michael Llewellyn-Williams

Adjunct Professor

Office: DBH 127

Phone: 415-710-9456

Picture of Andy Lutzky

Andy Lutzky

Adjunct Professor, Public Relations

Office: Virtual

Phone: 650-281-9023

Marti Malloy

Office: DBH 205

Phone: 360-672-1315

Pictures of Dona Nichols

Dona Nichols

Lead Faculty Advisor; Coordinator of The Spear, Sports Journalism Specialization

Office: DBH 104

Phone: 408-504-1917

Picture of Ralph Nichols

Ralph Nichols

Lecturer, Journalism/News Writing/Mass Communications

Office: Virtual

Phone: 408-300-4752

Nisha Garud Patkar image

Nisha Garud Patkar

Assistant Professor

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Office: DBH 219

Picture of David Ocampo

David Ocampo

Adjunct Professor, Advertising

Office: Virtual

Phone: 408-324-0106

Picture of Manel Palos

Manel Palos

Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communications

Office: DBH 125

Phone: 408-924-3249

Picture of Roslyn Plater

Roslyn Plater

Lecturer, Broadcast Journalism

Office: Virtual

Phone: (202)372-6748

Picture of Jorge Prado

Jorge Prado

Professor, News writing for Printed Media, Radio, Television and Online

Office: 222

Picture of Anne Raygoza

Anne Raygoza

Adjunct Professor, Advertising

Office: DBH 135

Picture of Cyrus Saatsaz

Cyrus Saatsaz

Lecturer, Journalism and Mass Communication

Office: DBH 127 or Online