International Learning

Students in our advertising, journalism and public relations degree programs return from their international travels saying it was "a life-changing experience!"

The goal of the JMC School’s required international experience is to help prepare students to live and work in an increasingly globalized world, and introduce them to the "globalized" aspects of their respective academic disciplines. More and more employers say they expect media graduates to understand how to connect and communicate effectively with people and businesses all over the world.

During Spring 2016, the JMC School held a special town hall meeting where campus experts answered student questions. They explained in detail how the international learning experience works, how to plan for it, and consider many options to help address student financial concerns.

Watch this thorough explanation from our JMC School International Learning Town Hall Meeting.

For several years, Dr. Matt Cabot has led many international learning trips for JMC School students. Once you understand how the global experience works, watch Dr. Cabot's video below for the final step-by-step process.

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