Racism: My Experience

Project Explanation

Racism unnerves people. We avoid talking about it until there’s a major flare-up or violence, and then wonder why?

Some want to believe it’s a thing of the past, while many for centuries have buried it in the ‘closet of our minds’ hoping it will die or just fade away.
Continued racial unrest, however, from Ferguson, Missouri to Charlottesville, Virginia prompted the SJSU Journalism School to take a new, more direct approach to help ease tensions and head off conflicts.

We’ve created a unique listening and learning environment for our campus, local community and Silicon Valley to focus on "Racism: My Experience."

Volunteers briefly share what's happened to them or someone in their workplace. Once combined these revealing excerpts showcase how all cultures have a story to tell, and with each revelation comes the discovery of common ground. This shared understanding becomes the starting point for more positive and effective communications in search of helpful strategies and solutions.

Courage and determination can lead to respectful discussions on how to eradicate this deadly social cancer that affects us all.

We invite other schools and community leaders nationwide to share their stories, and join this unique learning opportunity.

Robert RuckerProf. Bob Rucker
'Racism: My Experience' Project Creator; Coordinator of Digital Productions; Emeritus Faculty (2020), School of Journalism and Mass Communications

YouTube Video

Watch this YouTube video to see and hear candid excerpts from the conversations with SJSU students, faculty, and people from Silicon Valley.

This 12-minute video was produced during the fall semester 2017.