B.S. Advertising

Advertisments in Times Square, New York.

In the world of competitive business, companies are always looking to gain an edge for their products or services. Advertising gets them that edge. Successful modern advertising takes creativity and innovation. The School of Journalism and Mass Communications can give you the skills to make a difference in this dynamic field.

Learn By Doing

We believe the best way to absorb information is to experience media communications in the real world. Nothing is better than first-hand application of technique and tools. This is the essence of our motto “Learn by Doing”. Advertising work can be done outside of the classroom, learn to work with real people on real projects, compete in national competitions, and learn about the real advertising world. We encourage you to learn by doing through every experience you have here. Our school is full of student organizations, internship opportunities and study abroad options designed to facilitate discovery through actual involvement. The JMC experience will enhance your learning environment and fine-tune your media communications skills with real and relevant programs.

Program Goals

JMC offers a dynamic program in Advertising that takes a hands-on approach to education. Students can expect to gain real-world experience through their studies, expand on their creative abilities, and learn applications of advertising theories and methods across various mediums.

Additionally, courses have adapted to distance learning and are innovative in their online delivery. The program offers three separate tracks to help students mold personalized educational pathways: Management, Creative, and Marketing.

Program Learning Objectives (PLOs)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of groups in a global society in relationship to communications.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently.
  • Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for the communication professions, audiences, and purposes they serve.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use tools and technologies appropriate for the communications profession in which they work.

Awards and Recognition

The 2019 Silicon Valley American Advertising Awards were dominated by wins from SJSU students resulting in the best year yet for the Ad program. Advertising students have increased participation in this annual award show every year and with greater participation comes a greater number of wins. This year students won a total of 11 Silvers, 16 Golds, 4 ADDYs, 3 Best of Shows, 2 Judges Awards. That’s a huge achievement and a massive improvement on even last year’s trawl.


Dwight, Bentel and Hall

The communications industry changes rapidly and has become closely integrated. The School of Journalism and Mass Communications has successfully developed a progressive 21st century advertising curriculum by developing an Advertising and Public Relations agency, Dwight, Bentel and Hall, purely for students. This agency gives the competitive advantage to students who are willing to do what it takes to make it in the advertising industry.

The first of its kind on the West Coast, Dwight, Bentel and Hall is an on-campus advertising and public relations agency committed to training students for the real life rigors of these uber-competitive and demanding fields.


Email Timothy Hendrick or Christine Di Salvo.

Spartan Ad Club

The Spartan Advertising Club is an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). AAF is the central hub of all that is advertising in the United States. They lobby for the rights, regulations, and laws that influence the advertising market. Across the US groups are formed to support this federation and utilize its resources to network and strengthen the industry. By becoming an active member, you will be able to support the cause of keeping our industry alive, as well as furthering your role within it. Opportunities within the club include guest speakers from agencies and marketing related companies, advertising agency tours, technology workshops, networking events, career fairs, club socials, business cards, and opportunities to interact with the Silicon Valley –AAF group (which includes advertising professionals from the Silicon Valley) and the SJSU PRSSA club. This club is highly recommended to anyone interested in going into the advertising industry, whether you are a management type or creative, marketing or graphic design, or even sales. Spartan Ad club strives to further the prestige and creativity that SJSU brings to the advertising industry.

Degree Requirements

Advising Road Maps

Total Units to Degree: 120

The following road maps are advising tools that outline paths of courses a student can take to complete requirements for graduation. This roadmap should be used in consultation with the catalog and your department to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example course grade minimums). Students must have 60+ units in order to take SJSU Studies courses.

Roadmaps for Students Entering Fall 2021 and After

Roadmaps for Students that Entered Before Fall 2021

NOTES: All advertising majors must do a 150-hour internship after completing nine units of advertising classes. Approval is needed to sign up for MCOM 111: Internships. This may also be done during the summer or winter sessions. MCOM 180: Independent Study for one unit of credit can be taken any time. Students work directly with faculty in their major. Permission forms and other FAQ can be found on the Advising page.