Undergraduate Work Portfolio

Huy Project

Huy Nguyen

This photographic exhibit showcases my 12,645km flight from Hô ChiMinh City to Little Saigon in San Jose, California. The exhibit is arranged toreflect the journey taken by me, starting with a wide shot of the Hô ChiMinh city landscape and transitioning into smaller shots of Little Saigon,where Vietnamese culture and cuisine have flourished for decades. Theexhibit's title "The 12,645km Journey" emphasizes the distance travelledwhile also highlighting the idea that cultures and homes are created andnurtured wherever we may find ourselves.

Native Due Poster

Regina Grajo, Cindy Tran

This set of advertisement was submitted as a part of the final project for ADV 91 in Fall 2021. Itfeatures a fictitous alcoholic beverage brand, Native Due. Cindy Tran created the brand styleguide, and designed the logo and product mockups. Regina Grajo designed the advertisements.The product is featured in traditional advertisements channels, such as a billboard, magazine,and poster.

Idea for Change Poster

Brianne Badiola, Alexandra Hisen

Ideate for Change is a creative hackathon that challenges students to tackle real world issuesover the course of three weeks. As a new event this year, Brianne and Alexandra were taskedwith creating the branding identity, promotional assets, such as a poster and postcards, andsocial media strategy to build excitement for the event. The posters and postcards were hungaround SJSU and nearby community college campuses. Brianne and Alexandra also tabled oncampus to encourage sign-ups, resulting in 84 individual participants for the event. They alsohandled event planning, catering, and slideshow presentations for the overall event.

Life for Change project poster

Brianne Badiola

"Life is beautiful" is a coffee table book, passion project, designed by Brianne. All images weretaken by her as well using iPhone 13. The book was an experimentation as to how whitespaceand layout composition could be could enhance a photo and the viewer's interpretation of theimagery.

TR Project Poster

Jasmine Shokoor

This stationary systems project was completed for Taufiquiand Rose Immobilien GmbH. This company specializes in real estate management in Hamburg,Germany. Their customers/audience are mostly German nationals that live abroad and have properties in Germany. For their logo, I used the outline of a roof with four windows with the letters T and R. This was the most aesthetically pleasing yet profesional-looking logo that highlights they are in the real estate market. I added their last names, “Taufiqui & Rose”under this logo as well to bring the identity of the owners.Throughout the stationary concept,I utilized variations of the logo in the colored on their website.

All the Results Project Poster

Cindy Tran

This mock out-of-home advertisement for Youth to the People waswritten and arranged by Cindy. Art direction and photography are creditedto Up Close (byupclose.com). This project was an assignment for ADV 124which was choosing a favorite brand and creating an ad with a body copy.

Tompkins Project Banner

Caylee Tompkins

Inspired by the personality quiz trend present in the 90s and 2000s inmainstream publications such as Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue, Icreated a college-themed personality quiz for students in the Spring 2022in addition of SJSU's Access Magazine. These stereotypical archtypes areintended to dramatize characteristics of common college-kid attitudes. Isee myself in all of these profiles. Now let's see what type of collegestudent you are! Find out by counting the colors of your answers to eachquestion.