WOKE! Engage. Listen. Find Common Ground to Act

The JMC School has created a unique video learning experience designed to showcase SJSU student knowledge, research, and perspectives on national news coverage of timely issues and social trends. Each semester, Journalism TV studio productions entitled 'Woke!' welcome informed individuals and local experts who want to join the national debate, and participate in lively discussions streamed on YouTube. This special series showcases how America can breakdown communication walls, candidly speak their personal truths, and respectfully listen carefully to and learn from others, in an effort to create a safe environment where everyone works together to find common ground solutions. Currently enrolled SJSU students, alumni, professional media members, and community leaders are invited to participate.

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Prof. Bob Rucker is the WOKE! series creator and executive producer. He's a 43 year professional electronic media specialist who worked as a National News Correspondent for Cable News Network (CNN). He was also a Weekend Anchor, New Jersey Bureau Chief and Medical News Correspondent for the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia, PA. Rucker has developed stories as a syndicated National News Producer/TV Reporter for Newsweek Broadcasting in New York City. He began his television news career as a General Assignment Reporter and Weekend Anchor for WHO-TV, in Des Moines, Iowa. He helps students develop their news knowledge, communication skills and abilities on camera.