International Experience

Life Changing Experience!

As of Fall 2019, the International Experience (MCOM 180ITL) is no longer a requirement for Advertising and Public Relations majors.

The International Experience (MCOM 180ITL) is still a requirement for Journalism majors, however, a waiver is possible as long as the units are made up with a JMC elective or MCOM 180 (independent study). If you'd like to waive the International Experience, you just need to inform your Major advisor when you are ready to apply for graduation. For any question, feel free to email us at

Why Study Abroad?

The Lasting Impact of Studying Abroad

The lasting impact of studying abroad, as told by the inaugural class of the Italy program, the "Mud Angels" of 1966.

The benefits of studying abroad are seen in this short documentary. The inaugural class of the California State University program in Florence, Italy encountered enormous challenges. Yet, it was character building and created a strong group bond. More than 50 years later, they are still close friends.

The Italy Program

The Italy program, as described by the class of 2019-2020.

Students who participated in the California State University Programs in Florence, Italy 2019-2020 describe their experiences.