Insurance Requirements - Public Works

Public Works projects include the erection, construction, alteration, painting, repair or improvement of any state structure, building, road, or other state improvement of any kind. 

San José State University is frequently under construction and constantly improving state buildings. The university regularly seeks out contractors to participate in bid solicitations for the following type of Public Works projects:

Minor Capital Outlay Projects

Minor Capital projects are limited to those projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, add access or provide equipment, and/or assist with ADA compliance.  

California Public Contract Code 10108 establishes the maximum cost of a project that may be budgeted as a minor capital outlay project. 

Major Capital Outlay Projects

Major Capital are defined as all projects, new buildings, improvements, and renovation projects greater than the value of a minor capital outlay project. 

Prospective contractors interested in Major Capital Projects must be prequalified with the CSU Chancellor's Office. 

CSU Contractor Prequalification

All Public Works bidding provisions of California State University contract law must be followed. Contractors can familiarize with these provisions here: 

Contract General Conditions

State University Administrative Manual (SUAM) - Construction

Professional Services

The selection of professional service providers will depend on the services required, the delivery method of a project, and whether the project is considered a Major or Minor Capital Project. 

CSU Selection of Professional Service Provider

Project Architects working on major capital projects must be prequalified with the CSU Chancellor's Office.  

CSU Architectural Prequalification