FTS Changes in support of update to CSU Travel & Business Expense Policy

Starting January 1, 2024 all domestic business travel will follow the updated CSU policy as implemented by SJSU. In addition to the new, required Travel Claim Worksheets, FTS Travel module will reflect a new Daily Expenses category for per diem Meal & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) claimed for Travel Reimbursement.

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2024 Policy Changes

Explore new and updated resources related to SJSU travel, including the travel guide, travel checklist, and travel reimbursement forms.

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Before You Travel

Review these topics before you travel on university business.

Review the SJSU Travel Checklist


For faculty and staff traveling on University business.

Sign up for Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit


For students, candidates and other non-employees of SJSU.

Team/Group Travel

Travel guidelines for athletic teams and other student groups.


How to apply for and use the GoCard to pay for official SJSU travel.

Travel Insurance

Learn about the travel insurance provided by the university.

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