Revenue Generating Activities

San José State University engages in many revenue-generating activities. Revenues from tuition are the university’s primary form of financial support, followed closely by state support, but many other revenue streams play an important role in enabling SJSU to fulfill its mission in a more meaningful way. For example, there are a number (how much $1.5 million) of scholarships and grants available each year to students that are provided by donors.

Maintaining and expanding SJSU’s revenue base is important to maintaining the quality of education the university offers. On the other hand, as a public university, San José State must approach developing new revenue streams in a way that is compliant with the public policies that govern the CSU and non-profit businesses. This document is intended to assist SJSU departments in evaluating potential new revenue streams under applicable laws and policies, and provide guidance in how to properly initiate new revenue streams. Its scope is limited to fees charged to willing participants (sometimes called “fee for service”).

Important Note: All money in support of ANY official University activity must be deposited in one of the Auxiliaries or the University accounts.  All campus funds must be deposited through the Bursar's Office into our campus approved bank account and reported as part of our financial records. (Refer to Integrated CSU Administration Manual Centralized Management of Cash and Investments)  Should you know of any situation that may involve an authorized off campus bank please contact the Senior AVP of Finance as soon as possible at 408-924-1550.

Categories of Revenues and Related Guidance

The California Education Code (§89721) specifies the types of monies that CSU campuses may collect. Included are "fees and charges for services, materials, and facilities". The Code requires that all fees that are deposited "shall be used solely to meet the costs of providing these services, materials, and facilities." Following are descriptions of the most common revenue-generating activities and guidance specific to each.

Applicable Policies and Laws