Cost Recovery from Other CSU Campuses

The CSU uses the Interagency Financial Transaction (IFT) as its standard mechanism to collect and disburse funds between campuses (including the Chancellor's Office). Instead of invoicing Campus B for expenses Campus A has incurred on its behalf, Campus A simply submits an IFT to the Chancellor's Office. The Chancellor's Office then notifies the bank used by the CSU to move cash from Campus B's account to Campus A's account. It's recommended that the campus requesting the money completes the IFT request. IFTs aren't applicable to CSU auxiliary organizations – check payments are processed, similar to 3rd party payments.

IFT is formerly known as Cash Posting Order (CPO).

Submitting a IFT request

  • Download the current IFT Request Form [xlsx]
  • Enter the requested information on the IFT Request Form tab.
  • Attach documentation (such as an MOU, travel claim, conference registration sign-up sheet, etc.) showing that the charge is legitimate and has been authorized by the other campus(es).
  • Send the file to Accounting Services at and contact if you have any questions about this process.

Note: In most cases, expenses to be reimbursed from other CSU campuses should be recorded in fund 70000 and your department's deptID (no project is required). The cost recovery will be recorded in the same fund. If the expense was recorded in another fund, you must process an Expense Journal in Financial Transaction Services (FTS) to move it to 70000.