How We Can Help

Have a question about your department or division finances, but aren't sure where to start? The Finance and Business Services (FABS) team has the resources and information you need to manage your budgets, taxes, billing and more.

Looking to Buy Something?

SJSU departments can request to procure services and commodities in a variety of ways. Let us help you begin the process of acquiring the tools and resources that enable your department to function and thrive!

Forms and Resources

If you're looking for a particular form or need information on financial policies and terms, please visit our forms and resources page.

Policies and Guidelines

We have every FABS policy and guideline listed in alphabetical order so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding asset services, procure to pay, travel or anything else related to campus finances, our FAQ page may already have the answer.


Communicating about finance and business often means encountering terms and acronyms you aren't familiar with. We've compiled a glossary of terms to help you navigate documents with ease.

Year-End Closing and Audits

Discover how the Accounting Services department handles the year-end closing on a legal basis and GAAP basis for SJSU.

Interagency Financial Transaction (IFT)

Need to pay or invoice another CSU campus or employee? You can do that through an IFT.

Journal Entries

Journal entries are used to transfer budget, expenses and to chargeback other campus departments for services received. Check out our dedicated page to learn about journal prefixes, when to use journal entries, and more.