Driving on University Business

Before an employee drives a university vehicle (including electric carts) or a privately owned vehicle on university business more than once per month, employees are required to take a defensive driving course once every four (4) years and adhere to the guidelines listed below.


  • A University vehicle is defined as a motorized device for land transportation owned, leased, or rented by the university, state or any state agency, including and not limited to automobiles, trucks, golf carts, tractors, forklifts, etc.
  • University employees are defined as those persons who have completed all prerequisites to CSU employment. This includes all CSU faculty, staff, and student assistants and persons on appointed volunteer status (Job Class Code 0050).

University Vehicle Use

  1. Faculty, Student Assistants and Staff must complete the Defensive Driving course in CSU Learn. You can request this training using the FABS Training Request Form.
  2. Complete an Application for University Vehicle Operation Authorization [pdf].  Supervisor/Manager must sign off as the Approving Official.
  3. Maintain a valid California State Drivers License (foreign licenses are not permitted). The drivers license needs to be appropriate for the job and vehicle(s) to be operated, (e.g. Class A, B, C).
  4. Have and maintain a good and safe driving record. Risk Management will review each driver's Motor Vehicle Record from DMV. Class A, B, or Special Class C drivers are responsible for providing (at their cost) an original DMV record to the employing department at time of hire.

Private/Personal Vehicle Use

If you will be using your own vehicle for university business you must complete the following:

  1. Complete the Authorization to use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business STD. 261 [pdf]. This form must be updated every year and a copy returned to your Supervisor/Manager and the University Risk Manager.
  2. If driving on an average of more than once a month, complete the Defensive Driving Fundamentals course in CSU Learn.You can request this training using the FABS Training Request Form.

Responsibility for Coverage by Faculty/Staff:

Privately owned vehicles, in accordance with the California Vehicle Code, are the responsibility of the vehicle's owner. Accordingly, the owner's private automobile liability insurance is primary. This is true even if you are driving on state or university business. “Comprehensive" and "collision" coverage for your vehicle is also your responsibility. Before privately owned vehicles can be used on university business, you must register and obtain permission to do so by completing the Authorization to use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business STD. 261 [pdf].

Volunteers Driving on University Business

  1. Volunteers who drive vehicles on official university business, such as field trips or athletic events, need to complete University Personnel’s Volunteer Request Form [DocuSign].  This form must be fully signed before driving on university business.
  2. Go to University Personnel’s Volunteer web page for additional information.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicles owned and leased by San José State University are protected for liability by the CSU’s participation in the State of California Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program [pdf]. This program is administered by the State Office of Risk and Insurance Management.

Accident involving the use of a State Vehicle:

Accident involving the use of Personal vehicle while driving on University Business: