Finding a Supplier

These are the steps for users when selecting existing suppliers and onboarding new ones. Supplier is also known as a vendor.

Existing Supplier

Note: The supplier must exist in the Financial Transaction Services [FTS] database in order to complete a Requisition or Direct Payment Voucher. If it does not exist, please see section on “New Supplier”.

New Supplier

The Supplier I Want is Not in FTS

Are they a CSU employee?

If yes... they cannot be onboarded as a supplier.  They will need to be paid through payroll for SJSU employees or a CPO for all other campuses.

If no... the department needs to determine if supplier qualifies as an independent contractor.  Please review the ABC Test provided by the State of California.  Independent contractors can be onboarded with SJSU.

What is Onboarding?

Departments cannot submit requisitions or direct payment vouchers in FTS until their supplier is onboarded.

Onboarding is the process of setting up a supplier in our financial system.  Suppliers are onboarded through PaymentWorks.  To learn more, go to Becoming a Supplier.

How Do I Onboard a New Supplier?

  • When initiating your Requisition/Direct Payment Voucher in FTS, invite your supplier to onboard as a new supplier. For detailed instruction refer to the Requisition or Direct Payment Voucher tutorial. 
  • Once your supplier has completed their onboarding, you will receive an email notification and will then be able to complete the requisition/direct payment process.

Documentation Requirements

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance, including Additional Insurance Endorsement [for services performed on campus]
  • Health permit [Catering only]

For high dollar requisitions, you might consider using the SB/DVBE Option.  Please refer to the bid thresholds and requirements.

I Don't Know Which Supplier to Use

When you are submitting a Requisition, you can select Supplier ID 0000043479 - Suppler TO BID.  This will route the requisition to the university buyers and they will work with you to provide supplier recommendations.

For more information, please see Scenario 3 in the Supplier Request Process Tutorial [pdf].