Hospitality Guidelines

In accordance with CSU Hospitality Policy, SJSU will procure and pay for allowable and reasonable hospitality expenses directly related to, or associated with, the active conduct of official SJSU business. 

The SJSU Hospitality Guide provides information on allowable expenses, prohibited expenses, and appropriate university or auxiliary funds that may be used for such purposes.  All procurement and payment requests involving Hospitality must include the Hospitality Expense Justification Form [pdf].

Catering and Food Expenses

Catering expenses are allowed as long as they meet the SJSU Hospitality Guide, Catering Policy and the Catering & Dining Payment Guide requirements.

These guidelines do not pertain to food expenses for employees traveling on SJSU business or when working in overtime status. Refer to our SJSU Travel Guide  for covering those types of expenses.

If you have questions regarding the hospitality guidelines, please contact FinanceConnect at 408-924-1558.