Removal of Assets


The Property Custodian must request the disposition of non-functioning or unneeded property by using the Property Survey Report [DocuSign] (PSR) to request one of the following removal methods:

  • Disposal
  • Donation to a Non-Profit Organization
  • E-Waste
  • Public Surplus Auction
  • Trade-In
  • Transfer to Another Campus or Department

The Property Coordinator will review the requested disposition, ensure that the form is filled out completely and forward it to the Property Survey Committee for review and approval. If approval is granted, the Property Coordinator will return the fully signed PSR to the Custodian and advise how to proceed with the requested disposition.

Never trade, cannibalize, sell or dispose of university property without prior approval from Asset Services.


Employees who perform work at home may be authorized to keep university property at their residence with prior approval from an Approving Official. The property must be used solely for university business.

It is the responsibility of the department to approve, track and control the use of such equipment.

The department’s Property Custodian will complete the Property Check Out Authorization [Docusign] form and submit it to the department’s Approving Official and Property Coordinator for signatures; retaining the signed form until the property is returned. The Approving Official and Property Coordinator should also be notified when the property is returned.

During each inventory cycle, all off‐site property must be “physically” verified and location confirmed.


When university equipment is transferred to another campus, auxiliary organization or state agency, the transfer must be documented on a Property Survey Report [DocuSign] (PSR) and properly approved by both the campus transferring the equipment and the other campus or state agency accepting the equipment.