Small Businesses and Disabled Veterans

San José State University fully supports the Small Business (SB) and Disable Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) participation programs and is committed to assisting California certified small businesses and DVBEs in the expansion, growth, and development of the SB and DBVE communities:

The goals apply to the total contract dollars expended each year by the university. This includes all contracts, purchase orders, and procurement card orders. For more information, see DGS Contracting Commitment with Small Businesses, DVBEs.

The Small Business (SB) and Small Business for the Purpose of Public Works (SB-PW) certification program was established by the state of California to increase business opportunities for the small business community. Small businesses are critical to our economy as part of a strategic ecosystem that provides growth, sustainability and success for SJSU and the Bay Area as a whole. 

The DVBE Participation Program was established to acknowledge disabled veterans for their service and to further DVBE participation in state contracting, promote competition and encourage greater economic opportunity. 

For more information, visit the Small and DVBE Business Directory - Cal eProcure site.