Ways to Pay

Different ways to request and pay for products and services.

If you are looking to buy something, here are the different ways to request and pay for products and services. Note: We do not pay any CSU employees through these methods. Please contact University Personnel for more information.

Requisition to Purchase Order

When other ways to pay are not an option, requisitions are intended to be used for procuring commodities and/or services which may include a contract for review/execution.

Need a Change Order?

Direct Payment

Used to process payments that do not require a Purchase Order.


An easy expeditious payment method to purchase low dollar supplies and CSUBUY orders.

Order from CSUBuy


Use the GoCard to prepay expenses related to official university travel.

Upload Invoices

The SJSU e-Invoice portal is a quick and convenient method to submit purchase order invoices to Payment Services for payment processing.

Other Payments

Less commonly used payment methods such as Petty Cash, Reimbursements, and Interagency Financial Transaction.