Facility Use and Special Events

Facilities Use

All uses of San José State University facilities, in our buildings or on our grounds, must be approved by Facilities Development and Operations (FD&O). To obtain approval, contact the FD&O Contracts Coordinator at 408-924-1950. Visit the Facilities Requests web page for more information. 

For use of Student Union facilities, contact the Student Union Scheduling Office at 408-924-6300.

If you wish to use an off-campus site, contact Contract Services at 408-924-1558. Only Contracts Services is authorized to sign a contract on behalf of SJSU with an off-site entity.

The contract may have insurance requirements. Special Event insurance may be purchased through Risk Management.  For details regarding our Special Event Insurance Policy, please contact the University Risk Manager at 408-924-2159.

Special Events

SJSU requires that all event-holders using university facilities carry liability insurance for the event. If your organization does not maintain liability insurance, the California State University provides a way for you to purchase affordable Special Event insurance for recognized campus organizations.

The cost of the coverage is based on the type of event(s) being covered, the number of attendees, and the length of the event. The process and costs for obtaining Special Event insurance are independent of leasing the campus facility or obtaining security coverage for the event. When requesting an internal lease agreement, the Special Events Insurance Request [DocuSign] must be completed at the same time.

Special Event insurance for student groups, organizations, clubs and team sports using Student Union Facilities is arranged through the Student Union Scheduling Office at 408-924-6300.

For campus departments or individual classes planning events, Special Event insurance is handled by Risk Management. Organizers of these events need to fill out and return the following forms to Risk Management Office:

 Exclusions (Partial List):

  • Owned Real and Personal Property
  • Mechanical Amusement Devices
  • Rap or Heavy Metal, Hip Hop Concerts (including dances which play this)
  • Terrorist Exclusion
  • Collapse of Tents
  • Punitive Damages
  • Auto Liability
  • Bounce Houses

Specific Events Not Covered:

  • Circuses
  • Motorized Sporting Equipment
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Rodeos and Roping Events
  • Aircraft and Balloon Events
  • Professional Sporting Activities
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Any physical contact sport including Martial Arts, Football or Rugby