Confirming Orders Policy

Requisitions submitted to Strategic Sourcing - Contracts & Procurement Services after the order has been placed with the vendor or after the University has received the products or services are called Confirming Orders.

Confirming orders are not allowed.

There are several potential problems associated with confirming orders; such as:

  • Delays in settlements
  • Lost items
  • Missed discounts
  • Receipt of duplicate shipments
  • Redundant payments
  • Unidentified invoices
  • Violations of legal requirements

Any employee who buys products or services without going through Strategic Sourcing - Contracts & Procurement Services assumes the possibility of personal liability for payment.

If you submit a requisition with an invoice attached indicating the purchase has already been completed, please note that Strategic Sourcing and Contracts & Procurement Services cannot process this requisition. The package will be returned to the initiating party.

How to resolve a Confirming Order and make a payment to vendor:  

  1.  Provide a memo signed by your Approving Official, detailing the reasons this expenditure was made outside of the allowable methods. This memo should be written to the attention of the Senior Director of Business Services  and also include a detailed course of action to prevent "confirming orders" from occurring again.

  2. Upload the signed memo to the requisition. (Do not send memos directly to the Senior Director of Business Services; memos must be submitted with the requisition package.)