Tips for Dealing with Suppliers

Speak to Suppliers

Feel free to discuss your requirements with salespeople. It's often the most effective way to get your questions answered. However, we urge you not to make firm commitments with suppliers.

Never Sign Anything

Never sign a supplier's contract or agreement documents. SJSU may not be able to agree to the terms and conditions in the document you sign. A buyer will work with you and negotiate terms and conditions with the supplier. If necessary, the buyer can seek the assistance of University Counsel prior to making an award.

Speak to Buyers

Contact the buyer if you have any problems with suppliers, their products or their performance. Often your input is the only way a buyer will know if a supplier is good or bad. In a given situation it may be too late to help you, but it could help avoid the same problem in the future.

Never Accept Gifts

Never accept gratuities from a supplier or potential supplier. We must avoid any appearance of favoritism in relationships with other entities, either public or private.

Make No Commitments

Accepting "free" advice or services from a salesperson does not commit SJSU to purchase from the company they represent. Make sure that the salesperson understands this prior to accepting any "free" services from them. This would cover such things as advice on site preparation, design services, etc.

Write Good Specifications

Be careful when writing product and service specifications and concentrate on desired functionality. The quality of your specifications can directly affect the results of your purchase. Good specifications allow open and free competition and result in the purchase of quality products and/or services.