Volunteers are often used to supplement staff and faculty for projects or special events. While they are not paid, they are still part of the SJSU workforce and processes must be followed to bring one on board. They may not perform bargaining unit work and may not be appointed for longer than one year.

San José State University (SJSU) hosts Visiting Scholars (domestic or international) to engage in the exchange of knowledge, promotion of intercultural understanding, and for the mutual enrichment with our global partnership institutions. Please visit our Visiting Scholars page to learn more.

For questions, please visit the Volunteers Help and FAQs page. For further assistance, please email up-volunteer-appointments@sjsu.edu.

Steps to Appoint a Faculty or Staff Volunteer

  1. Review volunteer duties with direct supervisor, work lead or department chair, and appropriate administrator (MPP).
  2. Inform volunteer that the following will be required attachments to the volunteer form:
    1. CV, Resume, or Work History.
    2. Signed* Work Permit [pdf] if under 18 years of age.
      1. *Signed by the school the volunteer is currently attending.
    3. Signed Parental Consent Form [pdf] if under 18 years of age.
  3. Complete the Volunteer Request Form [DocuSign].
  4. After review and approval from University Personnel, the volunteer appointment will be keyed into PeopleSoft.
  5. Once the completed Volunteer Request Form is received, check the University Personnel: Volunteer Appointments section on the form to verify the status of the volunteer request.

Additional Information