Computational Resources

SJSU Private Cloud

SJSU IT provides virtual servers and storage to support the computing environment necessary to host web applications or class setup with custom research software to conduct research-related work.

SJSU IT Public Clouds

SJSU IT has successfully set up enterprise account and network connectivity for Google Public Cloud GCP and Microsoft Public Cloud Azure so SJSU users can now request research and other academic resources available under GCP and Azure. 

Please see the link below for products offered by GCP and Azure.

High-Performance Computing Support

SJSU IT has built a robust cloud infrastructure that enables SJSU’s researchers to quickly configure a High Performance Computing (HPC) instance in the cloud, based on their research needs. This gives them tailored access to the power they need. SJSU IT’s dedicated HPC administrator helps researchers manage their technology infrastructure and recommend ways to build better foundations that accelerate and amplify their research. This empowers SJSU’s researchers to focus on their work instead of resource management.

SJSU IT Data Center is upgraded with additional power and cooling to host additional High Performance Computing (HPC) environments if colleges apply for research grants for the HPC environment. SJSU IT will work with a research group to host and help to set up HPC environments. College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of Science's WIRC Wild Fire Research environments are great examples of HPC enviornments hosted by SJSU IT.

The COE HPC system is a computing system with powerful multi-core and multi-socket servers, high-performance storage, GPUs, and large amounts of memory, tied together by an ultra-fast inter-connection network. Its design allows the HPC to support some of the most compute and memory intensive programs developed today.

A subset of the nodes has additional memory (256 GB per node) and accelerators (NVIDIA P-100 GPUs), making them suitable for some of the most demanding computational tasks.

The HPC can only be accessed while connected to the campus network, i.e., SJSU_premier WiFi, on-campus LAN port, or VPN. If connecting from outside campus, you will need to first establish a VPN connection.

Additional information about the COE HPC environment