Workstation Refresh Program

The Workstation Refresh Program provides replacement workstations and computer labs which are four-years or older. Please refer to the 2023-2024 Workstation Refresh Program Form for detailed program information.


  • Campus Technicians supporting Staff, Faculty and Labs in State-Funded or Self-Support units
  • Auxiliary organizations are currently not covered by the Workstation Refresh Program


The program provides the appropriate IT Technician one replacement desktop, laptop or tablet computer every four years for each Full-Time employee.

The program does not provide workstations for new positions, lab locations, new office locations, student assistants, graduate assistants, contractors or volunteer positions. 


The Workstation Refresh Program is an Information Technology Baseline service for all state-funded and self-support units, $1700 per workstation is allocated for each machine eligible for the program. While many Standard Configurations are no-cost to the department, any make and model may be specified.

Departments are responsible for funding any difference in a workstation cost over $1700. All orders must be placed through or receive written authorization from the Workstation Refresh Program Coordinator. The Workstation Refresh Program will not reimburse departments for orders who did not receive authorization.

Requesting Service

  • Staff and Faculty should contact their local IT Department for any Workstation issues. If you do not know who to call, contact the IT Help Desk at 4-1530 or open a help ticket for assistance. Typically your IT Department will contact you when its time for a new workstation.
  • Department IT Technicians should use the 2023-2024 Workstation Refresh Program Order Form to submit requests for new orders.
  • Any ordering questions should be directed to our Refresh Program Office email:

Ordering Process

Workstation Refresh Program orders will be processed within 5 business days of receipt.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for workstations to be purchased and delivered to your IT Technician on campus. Workstation deployment is dependent on IT Technician schedules. Please contact your local IT Technician for details. 

Configurations and Operating Systems

Please visit the Standard Workstation Configurations for the latest and greatest models available. These Standard Configurations are heavily discounted from MSRP, and many are available at no cost to the departments. Departments may choose from any standard configuration or specify custom configurations as needed.

Standard Configurations are updated semi-annually as specified by the Information Technology Management Advisory Committee. All workstations provided by the program meet or exceed the SJSU Workstation Hardware Standard [pdf].


If you need additional support, submit a help ticket.