IT Security Tips

Protecting Sensitive Data on DocuSign

If the need arises to have sensitive information included on a DocuSign form, please follow these guidelines to ensure the security of the information being shared.

SJSU IT Security Guidance for Remote Access

Additional precautions should be taken by employees when working remotely.

Securing Zoom Meetings at SJSU

It is important to consider the security implications of the Zoom meetings you set up. It’s especially important to properly secure your meeting if there is any discussion of sensitive data.

Spotting a Phishing Attempt

Phishing email or falling victim to a phishing attack has a massively damaging effect on productivity, data loss, and reputational damage. Please stay vigilant!

Protecting Sensitive DocuSign Data

BE AWARE! Docusign phishing emails are intended to steal your personal information. Here are ways to help you ensure your emails from Docusign are authentic.

Avoiding Gift Card Scams

Do Your Boss a Favor and Don't Fall for a Gift Card Scam

Information Security Tax Season

As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, spring is a prime window for cyber criminals to pursue sensitive information related to tax season.

Preventing a Poached Pension

Don't let scammers poach your pension and disability benefits