Appointment Scheduling (QLess) for Students

What You Need to Know

QLess is an easy way for students to quickly access the services they need without standing in long lines.

  • With QLess you can schedule appointments and wait in a virtual line instead of a physical line.
  • You can join a line using the campus website, phone call, text, mobile app, or an on-site kiosk.
  • You choose the type of service you want and the system shares the expected wait time.

Join a Line Virtually

  • Joining the Queue allows you to wait to speak with a staff member from the Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach, Registrar’s, and Financial Aid and Scholarship offices.
  • You can choose to be notified by text as your turn approaches.
  • Most offices offer both an in-person (meet in the Student Services Center) and a virtual (meet via Zoom) option.
  • You will see the available options when you join the queue.

What You Need to Do

Create an Account and Join the Queue

You can join a queue to receive services during available hours from a department in the Student Services Center like Undergraduate Admissions, Office of the Registrar or the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. Joining the queue will place you in line for the service you select and activate notifications to your phone or email when your turn approaches.

Who has Access

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Cost & Requirements


It is free to SJSU students!


If you're a student, you'll need your ID number, though it is not required to join a queue. Don't forget that both chat and phone lines are available if you'd rather have that option. 

How to Access QLess

  1. Website: Join the queue and follow the directions!
  2. Download the App
    • Download the QLESS Android or iOS App. Once you’ve opened the App, look for SJSU and follow the prompts.
  3. Go to One.SJSU and search QLess

Additional Resources

Common Text Commands

L Text "L" when you need to exit the line.
S Text "S" when you want an update of your wait time or place in line.
M Text "M" to request more time.
H Text "H" for help to get additional assistance.
W Text "W" to switch from text to voice call updates.
N# Text "N#" to notify you in XX minutes before it's your turn.

Need Help or Have Questions?

For QLess support, submit a help request.