Mobile Device Security

What You Need to Know

Safe security practices are a combination of vigilance, software, and security settings. Be safe with your mobile devices and follow these tips to help you protect your devices and your information!

What You Need to Do

Mobile Device Security Tips

  • SJSU employees may want to consider using a more secure alternative method for Level 1 or 2 data, such as SJSU protected servers.
  • Consider using SJSU devices for university-related business.
  • Maintain appropriate physical and device security for mobile devices, depending on data stored on the device.
  • If traveling abroad with a mobile device, contact the Office of Research, Export Control, for further guidance and information on export control restrictions or procedures.
  • Keep mobile device software up to date, and remove unused or unnecessary applications.
  • Consider reviewing the apps installed on the mobile device, and removing unneeded software.

Mobile Device Security Configuration Examples

  • A device combination that will be difficult to guess
  • Set the auto-lock option after a period of inactivity
  • When available, enable the option to erase data after a certain number of failed authentication attempts
  • Disable features that could be accessed without entering the passcode
  • Enable appropriate access restrictions on your mobile phone
  • Prevent from launching and using unnecessary inbuilt applications
  • Disable voice dial feature
  • Disable SMS preview
  • Disabling
  • Disable or delete keyboard cache
  • Disable geotagging and location tracking
  • Enable available privacy and security settings on the mobile phone’s internet browser
    • Enable pop-up blockers
    • Disable auto-fills
    • Enable fraud warning of websites
    • Clear cookies, history and cache after visiting sensitive websites
    • Delete unnecessary databases created by websites
    • Do not remember passwords to sensitive websites
  • When available, enable "Find My Mobile Phone" service

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