Telephone and Network (Internet) Service Request

This form is to request Campus Telephone Service for Faculty and Staff. Complete all requested information for new or existing Campus Telephone Service. Select from the list of service options and complete all sections that apply in A, B, C, D or E.  

Before you begin, you will need the correct Jack Port and/or VLAN numbers. Please contact your Department IT Tech for assistance.

If the phone or line is shared, please indicate the other customer's information in the Comments Section.

Request Campus Telephone Service

Requester Information
Requester's Contact Information
Customer Information
Phone User
Approver Information
Type of Service
Option A
Update Existing Phone
Telephone Set Type
Calling Capabilities
Option B
SJSU Directory
Would you like to display your Campus contact information (Phone ext, Building, Floor, and Room.) or display a published number other than your extension on the online SJSU Directory?
Option C
Voicemail Box
In this section, you can request a new voicemail box, delete an existing mailbox or request a reset of a forgotten passcode
Option D
Phone Location
Option E
Admin Contact Information
Add any additional comments to help process your request