SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a software program for statistical data analysis. Commands can be executed using the menu system or using command syntax. It is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Note: SPSS originally stood for "Software Package for Social Sciences". SPSS has also gone by the name PASW Statistics, which stood for "Predictive Analytics Software".

Why use SPSS?

  • Intuitive drop-down menu system is easy to learn for beginners.
  • Syntax adds flexibility, customization, and automation options.
  • Supported on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.
  • Widely used in the social sciences.

SPSS Statistics software from IBM is available to all faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.


AMOS SPSS is a software suite used for data management and statistical analysis. It includes statistical functions related to descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, and numerical and group predictions. Statistical features allow for analysis, reporting, modeling, and data mining.

AMOS software is only available to university faculty. Because SJSU has a limited number of AMOS licenses, requests for this software must be approved, please fill out the Software License Request form to obtain this software.