What You Need to Know

Yes it’s a lot of info, but especially worth the read for anyone looking for a job in the tech industry!

SJSU and Paypal partnered and launched a Student Consulting/Internship Program which offers professional training to help ensure SJSU student success in the technology industry. 

For SJSU students, it is a great opportunity to gain real-world experience and get help establishing a career. 

What You Need to Do

Watch Handshake posting and apply for it when the posting is alive.

Who Has Access

SJSU students

Check our school Career Center website.

How this Affects You

This program may provide you with a great career opportunity.

How this Affects SJSU

This is a high tech community outreach and engagement with benefits for both PayPal and SJSU too.

  • SJSU enhanced its existing university partnerships by adding both a unique year-long and a part-time student consulting program with PayPal.
  • The partnership helps Identify special talents at the university and offers a real world education on data, business, technology, and thought leadership.
  • SJSU is supporting PayPal and our high-tech community with a talent pipeline to choose from upon graduation.
  • The partnership exposes our talented students to cutting-edge and fast growing AI/ML technologies, making them more marketable and more valuable to our community workforce.

Our goal is to extend this partnership model to various other high-tech companies in the community.

We survey PayPal development team managers and our program student mentors each year. The feedback demonstrates extreme happiness with our students’ performance as well as a positive and direct impact to PayPal’s business. This program provides a unique model for academic and industry partnerships. The success story is inspiring more development teams within PayPal to join the program and encouraging the initiation of additional partnership programs between SJSU and other high tech companies.

Support: Need Help or Have Questions

Submit a help ticket request.