What You Need to Know

Yes it’s a lot of info but especially worth the read for anyone looking for a job!

SJSU IT has partnered with LinkedIn to deliver Data-driven career pathing for SJSU students with enterprise-level development tools. Our programs support a student’s educational journey from orientation, through graduation, and into the workforce.

How this Affects You

Workforce development through LinkedIn’s Skills Matching Index

  • Skills Matching Index helps uncover skills gaps that can be broken down by field, industry, major, career pathway, and their many intersections.
  • With LinkedIn data, it helps individuals increase their personal marketability, drive their employment outcomes upon graduation, and become a real source of early workforce development.
  • SJSU is one of two institutions in the US with this type of connection to LinkedIn.
  • Customized insights and SJSU specified data comes directly from LinkedIn’s data team.
  • LinkedIn gets platform participation from our large campus population, one of the most diverse student bodies in the country, and an alumni base with more employees working in Silicon Valley than any other university.
  • As workforce development grows more important for higher education every day, students and companies use alumni career outcomes to evaluate the quality of a degree.

LinkedIn Learning eLearning platform

  • On-demand eLearning portal.
  • 12,000+ available courses including learning and development content like just-in-time subject refreshers and complete sessions.
  • Helps students gain or grow skills.
  • Faculty can incorporate into Canvas to create tailored learning pathways to help guide students.

SJSU leverages LinkedIn’s data on our alumni’s career outcomes to:

  • Support student workforce development.
  • Better prepare our students for the job market upon graduation.
  • Increase the success of students as well as the companies that mentor and employ them.
  • Identify quantifiable skills gaps and address them directly, bridging those gaps faster than ever before.
  • Identify common career trajectories, including where our alumni work, the skills that took them there, and the coursework that launched their career, with longitudinal trackings.

Who has Access

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Researchers

How to Access


Cost and Requirements

No cost and unlimited student, faculty, and staff access to the LinkedIn Learning eLearning platform.

More to Come

These offerings represent the first steps in our collaboration with LinkedIn. 

As we build upon initial success, we'll expand LinkedIn’s interaction with campus and build much more for our future together.

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