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San Jose State University has partnered with LastPass to bring you LastPass Premium!

As part of San Jose State University's efforts to be the safest digital campus, we're excited to announce a partnership with LastPass to offer LastPass Premium to all of our students, faculty, and staff at no cost. This is the personal version of the LastPass Password Management we use on campus to securely store passwords. Now you can use it synced across all your devices, so you always have your personal passwords with you.

What is LastPass Premium and how is it different from LastPass Enterprise? See this link to our Resource page for more information.

Get LastPass Premium Password Manager

To sign up for your account, you only need to enter in your SJSU email address to prove you're a part of our University, and the personal email address you wish to use to manage the account.


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A step-by-step guide for signing up for LastPass Premium is also available for Students, Faculty and Staff on our LastPass Resource page.

Already have a LastPass account? See how to upgrade to LastPass Premium or get a year added to your existing Premium subscription.


Automatic device sync

Secure password vault 

Save and autofill passwords

Password generator

One-to-one sharing

One-to-many sharing

1 GB file storage

Secure notes

Dark web monitoring

Emergency Access

For more information about the features and benifitis of LastPass Premium, visit


Have more questions? Please visit the FAQ section of our LastPass Resource Page.



For support with LastPass Premium, please contact LastPass directly.