Tuition Fee Waiver Eligibility Requirements

Faculty, Staff, and Teaching Associates

CSU Fee Waiver eligibility criteria for represented and non-represented employees vary and are based on Collective Bargaining Agreements for represented employees and Policy for non-represented employees.

Faculty, Staff, and Teaching Associates Eligibility


Transferring the benefit

  • Eligible employees may transfer their fee waiver benefit to a qualified dependent as outlined below. The qualified dependent must be a matriculated student working toward a degree, or the attainment of a teaching credential in the CSU. 

Proof of relationship

  • If your dependent is not listed on your benefits plan(s), proof of relationship will be required (e.g. marriage license, birth certificate, adoption papers, tax forms, etc.).

Two eligible parents

  • If both parents of a dependent child are eligible to transfer their fee waiver benefit, each employee may transfer the benefits, making it possible for one child to receive both benefits and enroll in up to four (4) courses or 12 units, whichever is greater. Alternatively, each employee could transfer their benefit to a different child.

Dependent Eligibility

Questions? Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Program Coordinator for more information.